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In the Female Footprints Project 50 Zanzibari women tell their stories to a wide audience


The Female Footprints Project aims to challenge outdated narratives and stereotypes about African women by celebrating and putting the spotlight on 50 the female change-makers that are paving the way for the future of Zanzibar. Historical and contemporary women are the cornerstones of Zanzibari culture, art, tradition, history, politics, business, economics and development. Behind the scenes Zanzibari women are breaking boundaries, nurturing their communities, upholding their cultural heritage, innovating, challenging stereotypes, and creating change for themselves and Zanzibar as a whole.

These stories need to be told,

These voices need to be heard,

and the World needs to listen!

The project hopes to create many ripple effects, such as increasing the self-worth and pride of the women who are included in the project, inspiring others to take leadership in their own lives and communities, spreading positive stories about (Zanzibari) women and in general promoting the idea that women in leadership, female empowerment and gender equality is beneficial to all.

Coffee Table Book

This unique bilingual (Swahili and English) coffee table book features 50 women and their stories alongside outstanding photography work of both the women and Zanzibar. The book amplifies the voices of women engaged in diverse sectors such as fashion, politics, beauty, public health, tourism,  sports, community development, recycling and environmental protection, agriculture, arts, education, fitness, activism, women’s reproductive health and rights, journalism, air aviation, agriculture, media, and much more.

These sample pages displays examples of the photography and stories of three of the women featured in the project:

Travelling Photo Exhibition

The content of the coffee table book, alongside additional photos that are not included in the book, will be displayed in a travelling photo exhibition. The exhibition will be displayed to local audiences around Zanzibar, in mainland Tanzania and, where opportunity presents itself, internationally.

Children’s Book

This one-of-a-kind children’s book is a child-friendly version of the coffee table book. The book is printed in a smaller format, on durable materials and in easy to read Swahili. The book has strong and clear messages about gender equality and exposes children and youth to the stories, lives, achievements, struggles and courage of Zanzibari women. The book lets Zanzibari children learn about the history of their island from female perspectives and provides strong female role models to look up to and identify with.

For each coffee table book sold, a children’s book will be donated to a Zanzibari school in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

Website and Digital Content

Part of the content and digitally exclusive audio-visual content will be displayed on a project website and social media accounts.