Tanzania Media Women’s Association – Zanzibar (TAMWA- ZNZ) is a national level Non-Governmental Organization, which was formed in 1987. TAMWA’s Zanzibar chapter became fully self-governing and operational in both Isles of Unguja and Pemba in 2004. TAMWA’s mission is to advocate for women and children’s rights by conducting awareness raising activities for cultural, policy and legal changes in the society through the use of media. This mission is meant to facilitate the realization of the association’s vision of existence of a peaceful Tanzania society, which respects human rights with a gender perspective.

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AshGallery is a Zanzibari photography company whose work raises awareness about the culture, community and life in Zanzibar through photography. As one of three recipients of the 2018 UNESCO Heritage Award, AshGallery loves capturing the beauty of Zanzibar and taking candid portraits of the citizens living on the islands. AshGallery is a project partner that, apart from utilizing the talented in-house photographers for our books, supports our projects by mentoring young up-and-coming female photographers.

Pamoja Association (Pamojaföreningen) is a Swedish registered non-profit organisation working for human rights and equality. With multi-year experiences and strong relationships with Zanzibar from their flagship project Women’s Educating Programme, they have strong project and financial management skills and are knowledgable on gender, anti-racism and human rights. Pamoja are partners in the Female Footprints Project.

The Ministry of Elders, Empowerment, Youth, Women and Children in Zanzibar engages with and promotes women’s and girls empowerment in a multitude of ways. The Ministry of Elders, Empowerment, Youth, Women and Children is a valued partner to WomenFuture Foundation as a whole, and WomenFuture Books in particular when it comes to our outreach work on gender equality, women in leadership and female empowerment.

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Zanzibar works together with local authorities in Zanzibar, who are responsible for primary school education. WomenFuture Books collaborates with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in the distribution of our children’s books to schools and students around Zanzibar.

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Nettvendt is a Norweigan company working with web and graphic design. All WomenFuture websites are presented by Nettvendt.