Advisory Board

As WomenFuture Books we fully acknowledge that people in general, and women in particular, have the knowledge, abilities, expertise and will to identify and create the type of future they want for themselves. WomenFuture Books aims to act as a supporting and amplifying entity and catalyst for Zanzibari change-agents by supporting and putting the spotlight on local voices and female perspectives.

Our Advisory Board members. From the left: Mohamed, Asya, Jasmine, Lutfia, Dr. Rukkaya, Dr Saada, Hafith, and Dr Mzuri.

Our Advisory Board holds an immensely important role within WomenFuture Books and the Female Footprints Project. Take a minute to get to know our eight Advisory Board Members below!

Honourable Dr. Saada Salum

Honourable Dr. Saada Salum

Retired Politician
Former Minister of Finance, United Republic of Tanzania

Dr. Saada started her political career in 2012 when was appointed as a Member of Parliament by the then President of United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and became Deputy Minister of Finance. In 2014, she resumed a position of Minister of Finance after the death of then Minister of Finance Dr. William Mgimwa.

In 2015, she won a seat in the general elections and became a Member of Parliament for Welezo Constituency. She was one of three women parliamentarians from Zanzibar who got elected in constituencies.

Dr. Saada is a wellknown advocate for gender equality.

Dr Mzuri Issa Ali

Dr Mzuri is the Director of the Tanzania Media Women Association, Zanzibar. She has formaly held the positions including acting Director in the Directorate of Communications in the President’s office; Assistant Press Secretary to the President; and a sub-editor and reporter at Nuru newspaper.

Dr Mzuri holds a Doctorate in Social Sciences; a Masters of Arts in Political Science and International Relations; and a Degree in Mass Communication. She has vast experience in the field of communication and is an ardent advocate of women’s rights.

Asya Mohamed

Asya Mohamed

Human Resources and Education Officer, ZANREC Ltd.

Asya has an impressive background in community outreach and development and works tirelessly on topics around environmental sustainability, recycling and women’s empowerment. She currently works as a human resources and education officer at the recycling company ZANREC and is pioneering sustainable waste management by communities as well as the tourism sector on the island.

Dr Rukkaya Wakif Muhammed

Dr Rukkaya Wakif Muhammed

Head of Department – Public Administration
Zanzibar University

Dr Rukkaya is a lecturer and Head of Department of Public Administration at Zanzibar University.

Dr. Rukkaya is a holder of a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (Open University of Tanzania), Master in Management (International Islamic university Malaysia) and Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration(Zanzibar University). Her academic accomplishments include some publications in International Journals. She has been a counsellor for female students in her department and the university in general. Her interest in serving the community has also driven her to participate in various female fora at university level and community levels.

Lutfia Ramadhan

Lutfia Ramadhan


Lutfia specializes in Tourism, Airlines and Hospitality. She holds a Diploma in Tour Operationws from the Kenya Utalii College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality from the Lovely Professional University. Aside from tourism, Lutfia enjoys content creation on various platforms. She is a small-scale Youtuber and Blogger, and creates beauty and lifestyle videos with the hopes to launch her own cosmetics line in the future

Ms. Jasmine S.A Lyana

Jasmine S.A. Lyana

Lawyer & Head of Departmental Policy Unit
Zanzibar High Court & Office of the Second Vice President of Zanzibar

Ms. Jasmine S.A Lyana is  currently working in the Planning, Policy and Research Department as Head of Developmental Policy Unit in the Second Vice President’s Office. Jasmine is also practicing as a Lawyer of the High Court of Zanzibar.

Jasmine holds a B.A. in Economics and a Bachelors of  Law ( LLB) degree. Jasmine has extensive experience in planning, management,  drafting of legal frameworks and knowledge in legal counselling and drafting

Mohamed Ameir Muombwa

Mohamed Ameir Muombwa

Assistant to the Second Vice President of Zanzibar
Second Vice Presidents Office

Mohamed works as the Assistant to the Second Vice President of Zanzibar. He has a long history of community engagement and leadership in Zanzibar.

Mr Muombwa holds a Master of Public Policy and Management from Monash University Australia and a First Degree from Mysore University in India (Criminology; Public Administration and Journalism). Mohamed regularly writes for the newspaper Zanzibar Mail.

Hafith H.H. Ameir

Hafith H.H. Ameir

Consultant &
Senior Citizen of Makunduchi

Hafith is an International Travel Consultant with a background in the Air Travel Industry. Originally trained as an Educationist, his current interests centre around dynamic, practical, and effective methods of performance technology, including Counselling Skills, Assertiveness Techniques, Interactive Communications, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Performance Management, Leadership, Coaching Skills, Problem Solving/ Decision Making, Team Building, Focussed Interviewing, and Experiential Learning. In addition, Hafith enjoys the reputation of being an expert in running Assessment Centres for effective recruitment selection and career development purposes. Currently, Hafith is a self-acclaimed environmental activist engaged in steering development initiatives in his home town Makunduchi. Some of his legacies so far include Bee Farming and organising the annual Makunduchi Traditional Food Festival. His interventions has helped the Makunduchi Ward to learn how to strategize their initiatives by using tools like Appreciative Inquiry.