About Us

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WomenFuture Books is a newly started publishing company, that is currently being registered in Zanzibar, Tanzania. WomanFuture Books aims to use literature as a tool for change when working with a wide range of topics, themes, strategies and projects that aim to support, empower and uplift women and girls.  At the core of our operations lies a strong belief that women are the future, and that questions of gender equality and female empowerment must be addressed in all sectors of society.

WomenFuture Books publishes literature that provides multi-dimensional and Afro-positive representations that challenges outdated narratives and stereotypes about African women. Our work aims to amplify the voices and stories of a wide diversity of African women to local and international audiences.

We are based in Zanzibar, Tanzania where our current operations are centered, with a long-term vision to extend our work across the African continent.