Thank you to everyone that helped us complete Phase 1!

Photo: Ashraki Machano Mussa, AshGallery

The Female Footprints Project wants to extend a big thank you to the following people, organisations and companies for their invaluable contributions during the first phase of the project, which is now completed. We look forward to continued collaboration as the project moves forward.

Aisha Bakary, Hon. Moudline Castico & Lilian Benard Okoth
Thank you for being featured as the first three women in the Female Footprints Project!

All Project Advisory Board Members
Thank you to each of our distinguished Board Members for the invaluable contributions towards the
project design, for your contextual and critical analysis and for shaping the vision, concept, fundraising and implementation strategy of the overall project.

All Project Partners
Thank you for building fruitful partnerships and contributing to the project design, strategy and planning.

Pelle Kjellqvist
Thank you for the graphic design of the Female Footprints project logo.

Gabriel Drake Nepstad
Thank you for the graphic design of Coffee Table Book’s front page, the sample pages and the multiple
versions of the project proposal.

Ingebjørg Synnøve Thoresen & Knut Sparhell, Nettvendt
Thank you for the website development and design of our website

Mohamed Muombwa
Thank you for conducting interviews and writing the three profiles for the sample pages, and for your immense efforts that have gone into the project management and partnership development during the first phase.

Ashraki Mussa Machano
Thank you for your extraordinary photography and hard work in capturing the perfect images for the front page and sample pages. Also a big thank you for the outstanding videography for the fundraising video, and for enduring with all the requested edits requested by the project team.

Hannah McCarrick Mikidadi & John John Bruseth
Thank you for the work put into developing the concept, design and management, proposal writing, partnership development, editing and fundraising strategy.

Zanzibar Mamas
Thank you for your outstanding performances and participation in the fundraising video!

Daniela Holmberg
Thank you for your tireless work and support in finalizing the project proposal and funding applications, as well as your input into the conceptual development of the project.

Salha Idrissa Makame
Thank you for coming aboard the project as our accountant.

In addition, a big thank you to everyone who has supported us through engaging in critical discussions, suggested improvements, read and re-read our proposals and concept notes. We apprieciate all of your input and perspectives, they have all helped shape the project!